Traveling Around

Jewels in the Ring
The abundance of volcanic activity over the millennia has contributed greatly to Costa Rica's landscape and its inheritance of natural resources. This primer will get you started on exciting explorations of Costa Rica's behemoths.
Pacific Playground - [Text Only]
Costa Rica's central Pacific coast is where many foreign visitors first discover this country's allure.
Caribbean Dreamin' - [Text Only]
Take a tour of Costa Rica's Caribbean coast and discover the land that defines "tropical paradise."
A World Apart
Empty your buckets of harried thoughts, overloaded time schedules . . . Reawaken the joy of learning and the curiosity of childhood on the serene canals of Tortuguero.
Costa Rica for the Physically Limited
Physically impaired take heart. Wheelchair-bound, or otherwise physically restricted, access to such adventures as traveling into a rain forest or up to the edge of a volcano are now within your grasp.
Certifiable Kicks - [Text Only]
Learn to scuba dive while in Costa Rica and experience an underwater tropical odyssey.
Spelunking Costa Rican Style - [Text Only]
The caverns of Barra Honda National Park are 60 million years old. Not the biggest in the world, but where else can you don a hard hat and pick your way through a forest of stalactites and stalagmites?
The Secrets of Cerro de la Muerte - [Text Only]
The highest point along the Inter-American Highway in Costa Rica is a different world of stunted plants and amazing vistas.
Between the Greens - [Text Only]
Playing golf in Costa Rica is much like anywhere else.

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