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Strictly Costa Rica
Interesting facts and history, plus some insight into the people and the land that many refer to as "Switzerland of the Americas."
Life in the Tropics
Want more than the usual tourist experience? Planning to live or invest in Costa Rica? Want to take advantage of great prices on quality services? These articles should get you started.
Traveling Around
Some of the places to go and things to do that draw tourists to this beautiful country.
Ecologically Speaking
Learn why Costa Rica has become known around the world for its environmental efforts.

Strictly Costa Rica

Costa Rica in a CocoNut Shell
Quick facts about this wonderful country, categorized by topic.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
This is a good place to start to find answers to those "dumb" and not-so-"dumb" questions about this country.
Money Matters
The current exchange rate and other info concerning money and the Costa Rican colon.
A Tico Christmas
Costa Rica's Christmas celebrations are rich in established tradition.
The Costa Rican Christmas Tamal
Learn how to make Costa Rica's most popular traditional Christmas food item.
Easter in Costa Rica
Photos and text about a Costa Rican Easter celebration.
The Torch of Freedom
The story of Costa Rica's only war hero.
Día de la Raza
Learn what Columbus Day means in Costa Rica
Costa Rican Independence
Costa Ricans have a great time celebrating their independence on September 15th.
The National Theater
This hundred-plus-year-old building remains Costa Rica's premier center for cultural events.

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Strictly Costa Rica
Life in the Tropics
Traveling Around
Ecologically Speaking