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Cocorí is a Cornucopia!
All the Facts and Fun of Costa Rica

Experience tourist destinations, ecological projects, how people live, work and play in this tropical paradise, and see the many ways you can be a part of it. We offer the practical and a bit of the whimsical, and will help you get the most from your visit--whether real or virtual--to Costa Rica.

The Cocorí Articles section has stories about traveling around this beautiful country, ecology as practiced in Costa Rica, and information about many facets of life and business in "the Switzerland of the Americas."

Our Photo Galleries offer a visual tour of Costa Rica, with separate galleries for plant life, animal life, volcanoes and more. We also have a gallery of photos submitted by travelers like yourself. Browse the main Photos index page.

The Cocorí Map section offers a detailed view of much of the country, including visuals of the national park and protected lands system, which covers more than 23 percent of the country's territory.

So settle back and browse our libraries, wander through our photo and map galleries, and begin your tropical vacation journey!

If this is your first visit, we'd like to suggest that you check ourInside page for tips to help you get the most from Cocorí.

The Most Popular Stops At Cocorí

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