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Guanacaste Province

The North Pacific Coast

The most popular area for foreign tourists and Costa Rican vacationers alike, Guanacaste is the land of perpetual summer and some of the best beaches anywhere in the world.

Below the map is a legend to the identified areas

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Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica

Landmarks in Guanacaste Province

A Orosi Volcano I Rincón de la Vieja N.P. Q Las Baulas National Marine Park
B Rincón de la Vieja Volcano J Miravalles Protected Zone R Ostional Wildlife Refuge
C Miravalles Volcano K Tenorio N.P. S Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve
D Tenorio Volcano L Arenal N.P. T Curú
E Arenal Volcano M Monteverde Private Reserve U Carrara Reserve
F Santa Rosa N.P. N Lomas Barbudal Reserve V Pájaros Island
G Guanacaste N.P. O Palo Verde N.P. W Guayabo Island
H Bolaños Island P Barra Honda N.P. X Negritos Islands

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