Life in the Tropics

To Your Health in Costa Rica
Not only does Costa Rica offer universal health care coverage to its citizens, but that same high quality care is available for people from all over the world.
Living Legally in Costa Rica
If you are thinking about living in Costa Rica, here's what you'll need to consider before you make your move.
Working Your Way Through Paradise
Some interesting information on what it takes to work legally in Costa Rica.
¿Habla Usted Español?
Costa Rica has long been known as the place to come to study Spanish. Find out what our multitude of schools offer the student of the "language of the angels."
The Road to Retirement (In English, deutsch and español.)
Get started on your plans to retire in beautiful Costa Rica.
Own a Piece of the Beach
What you need to know before buying your slice of paradise.
Starting a Business in Costa Rica
Why not start a business in Costa Rica? This extraordinary country offers a friendly climate to the entrepreneur or established company looking for new horizons.

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