Ecologically Speaking

Island Hopping Costa Rica
There are several significant exceptions to the dozens of "insignificant" islands in Costa Rica's territory. Have you heard about Costa Rica's Alcatraz?
The Kiss of Death - [Text Only]
An international team of researchers, led by scientists at EARTH University in Costa Rica, is using jungle plants and outer space in their quest to defeat a killer parasite.
Nature's (Crumbling) Cathedral
What has the rain forest done for us? Can the plight of these life generators be turned around? Costa Rica is doing more than its share to try.
Wilderness Reborn - [Text Only]
The rebirth of a wilderness area and its inception as Cabo Blanco Strict Nature Reserve, the first protected area in Costa Rica.
A Tangle of Life - [Text Only]
Costa Rica's coasts abound with a special ecosystem. Take a ride along the canals of a mangrove forest.
Iguana Park - [Text Only]
The Pro Iguana Verde Foundation is developing ways of using the lowly green iguana to save the rain forests. They are also working with the locals to protect the diminishing populations of the scarlet macaw.
Friends of the Forest - [Text Only]
FUNDECOR, a private, nonprofit organization, helps land owners to profit from the tropical forests while protecting them for future generations.

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