Weight Control

With the recent controversy in the United States about Phen/fen and Redux, two of the most popular weight loss drug combinations, many will be looking for alternative, non-pharmaceutical ways to help them loose weight–and keep it off! In Costa Rica there are several excellent weight loss programs as well as medical/nutritional specialists dedicated to helping people achieve weight loss, and control over future weight gain. Several spas offer medically supervised and individualized programs for weight loss. The costs for a week here, with everything included, is less than you might think, certainly far less than a week at any of the acclaimed “fat farms” in the States. And, the time is spent in tropical Costa Rica. Not only will you loose weight under medical supervision, you can pamper yourself with natural thermal baths and beauty treatments, and even take an evening or two to visit active Arenal Volcano.

For the medically threatened obese person, physicians such as Dr. Manuel Piza and his clinic Servicios Medicos Saint Michel are trained and experienced to help regain control. Dr. Piza has been extremely successful in the medical and surgical treatment of obesity (people weighing at least 50 pounds over their suggested body wieght). With obesity being the second leading “secondary” cause of ill health (according to the CDC in Atlanta), Dr. Piza’s speciality is very important in today’s health care system.