How dangerous is Costa Rica?
Costa Rica is not as dangerous as, say, Miami. Our country is a peaceful oasis in Central America. Often referred to as the “Switzerland” of the Americas, Costa Rica has been a participatory democracy for over fifty years. It is know for its gentle people, beautiful countryside, breathtaking coasts and spectacular mountains, complete with active volcanoes.

Do I have to speak Spanish to come there and receive medical services?
Absolutely not. English is commonly spoken in Costa Rica and a significant number of the medical professionals are bilingual as well.

What about my health insurance company from the States? Will they pay?
Each company has a different policy. Check with your agent.

Is it safe to drink the water there?
Costa Rica probably has the best and most hygienic water supply of any Latin American country. Only in the most remote parts of the country do you need to consider drinking bottled water.

What happens if something goes wrong while I’m there?
If you’re asking about a problem with medical treatments, the medical professionals have the highest standards possible. Should there be a medical emergency, regardless of where you are in the country, there is access to surface and air ambulances (from helicopters to intercontinental jets) to get you to the best emergency facilities available.

What if I change my mind once I’m there?
Any health care consumer has the right to change his or her mind before (or even during) any medical procedure. If you are dissatisfied with the medical professional performing the procedure(s),you can find help in choosing another.

Will I need to bring or send my medical records?
Normally arrangements would be made for your records to be sent from your treating physician in your home country to your attending medical specialist. After treatment, you can arrange for the medical records here to be translated and returned to your physician.

How do I pay for the medical treatments and travel arrangements?
Payment arrangements are individual. Pre-payment for specific treatments and tourism services are generally required. Payment by credit cards is usually acceptable, especially for travel related expenses, although some medical professionals prefer not to accept them.

What about recovery?
Arrangements are usually settled on before any treatment or procedures are performed for whatever you may need for your recovery–from booking a special hotel to seeing that you get the proper foods delivered to your habitation, and of course any required followup doctor visits.