Essential Medicine

An essential medical procedure is any procedure that is required as a result of a physical condition that without medical intervention will continue or worsen. Essential medical procedures are usually covered by health insurance. Some essential medicine is not covered by all insurance policies, such as certain dental and ophthalmic procedures.

It’s an unusual person who gets excited about visiting a doctor for essential medical procedures. The “pocketbook pain” can rival the real physical pain which often accompanies ill health. For the most part, health insurance compensates for some of the “pocketbook pain.” Those without insurance, however, many times go without medical intervention rather than suffer the financial set-back that accompanies intervention by the medical profession in, for example, the States. While medical services in Costa Rica are not free, costs are sufficiently lower than comparable services in other regions that choosing to have essential procedures done here makes perfectly good sense. In many instances, health insurance carriers will agree to reimburse the policy holder for medical procedures outside the home country because in doing so they save money as well.