Health In Costa Rica

Healthcare In Costa Rica

Statistics from the World Health Organization’s “The World Health Report 1995″ place Costa Rica third in life expectancy in the world, sandwiched neatly behind Japan and France and ahead of Great Britain and the United States; and with a per capita income about one tenth that of the other four. Certainly, some reasons for this can be found in the Costa Rican less-than-frenetic lifestyle, the healthy, fresh, non-preservative-laden foods of the country, the tropical climate–Costa Rica seems to be a healthy place to live. But if one looks simply at the life issues, so are many other places on the globe. Costa Rica is a healthy place to live because its government continues a long- time commitment to affordable access for each and every citizen to one of the finest health care systems in the world.

Costa Rica Private Medicine

A large percentage of Costa Rican medical specialists are qualified on a world class level


The Medical Infrastructure

Most private and many public hospitals and clinics are equipped with current generation medical equipment


Costa Rican Physicians

Most Costa Rican doctors and dentists receive their basic medical training in Costa Rica. From here, they travel far and wide seeking specialized training