Assuredly, heart surgery is not something to take lightly. Costa Rica has the finest heart team, using the most modern surgical theaters in Costa Rica and Latin America. Headed by Dr. Longino Soto Pacheco, this cardiac/ cardiovascular/ thoracic team performed the first successful heart transplant in Costa Rica in March of 1991 and has since given many others replacement hearts. Dr. Soto has been recognized internationally as one of the premier open heart surgeons currently operating and has received a number of awards for his pioneering work in open heart surgery. During more than thirty years, he has worked to make Costa Rica’s health system one of the best in the world, and has succeeded admirably. The other members of the cardiac team are equally qualified, and under the direction of Dr. Soto, perform all heart surgeries with a dedication and degree of excellence and success found only in the finest heart centers around the world.

Would you come to Costa Rica for heart surgery–valve replacement, by-pass surgery, etc.? Possibly not, as the risks associated with these surgeries are often best met close to home. However, if given the choice of undergoing open heart surgery close to home by mediocre surgeons or in Costa Rica (with jet air ambulance on standby) by an incredibly successful team of gifted heart surgeons, and for significantly less cost, the choice becomes less clear.

Cost is low on the list of concerns when a life threatening heart condition requires intervention, especially when adequate health insurance is available. And cost should not stand in the way of receiving the best care available. By choosing Costa Rica and Dr. Soto’s internationally recognized heart team, you are not only assured of first-class treatment in first-class surroundings with top-quality attention before, during and after the surgery, but you are assured that your health care dollar will be well spent.