Costa Rica Spanish Schools
This is a directory of Spanish schools in Costa Rica. Check out each school's website and ask questions before booking. Find out how many students are currently studying, if the school provides cultural activities, and the theme of the school.

Escuela Tamarindo
The kids at the Tamarindo elementary school have let the faculty help them with an interesting page about happenings at the school. Take a look.

Explorations in Travel
Designs active, educational student travel programs.

Spanish language school.

Spanish language school.

The IECR distinguishes itself with its range of high quality programs. All IECR teachers hold university degrees and have many years of experience in teaching Spanish as second language.

Spanish language school.

ISLS (Institute for Spanish Language Studies)
This organization brokers seven different Spanish language schools in Costa Rica.

Costa Rican Language Academy
¡Bienvenidos a CRLA! At the Costa Rican Language Academy you will learn our language, move to our rhythm, explore our country, make new friends and much more...

Language Link
Based in Peoria, IL, this organization can help you get into study and volunteer work programs in several countries including Costa Rica.

Pura Vida Language Institute
"Our goal at Pura Vida is to create a program to fit to your needs rather than making you fit into our program." Small classes & excellent instructors. 2 great locations, student homestay, nature tours and free activities.

Costa Rica Rainforest Outward Bound® School
Interested in a learning adventure in a Central American rain forest? Check out this school and get college credit for jungle trekking!

Sat Yoga Institute
The Sat Yoga Institute presents a wholly updated version of the world's most ancient sciences of wellness, inner transformation, illumination, and liberation from the limitations and conflicts embedded in the unconscious ego.

School of the World
A traveler's education school located on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, in the town of Playa Jaco.

Spanish Abroad, Inc.
Spanish immersion programs with several Costa Rica language schools and other schools in countries throughout Central and South America.

Spanish For Success - Study Spanish Abroad
Spanish For Success is a network of language schools located in Costa Rica, and now Spain. We provide fun and safe programs for all types of individuals. For anyone who wishes to learn Spanish, we have programs from general Spanish to technical programs such as Medical or Business Spanish. We can help find ways for you to enjoy your time and experience, and be mesmerized by the beauty and culture of the country. Whether you're looking for vacation Spanish, total immersion Spanish, college credits, Spanish for your profession, adventure, and or personal enjoyment, see what Spanish for Success has to offer.

Spanish In Action! - Centro Cultural de Idiomas
We are one of Costa Rica's oldest and most respected Spanish schools, located in the beautiful Central Valley. We have over 18 years experience, offering a wide range of courses, home stay, tours, and travel advice. Join us, and put Spanish in Action!

Spanish in the World - Learn Spanish in Spain & Latin America
Learn Spanish where it is spoken. Spanish immersion courses worldwide. Open all year round. Small classes in different locations with accommodations. Now with three locations in Costa Rica.