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Doing Business in Costa Rica

Can I open a business in Costa Rica?
Yes. It is easy to incorporate and operate a business in Costa Rica. See our article Starting a Business in Costa Rica. It outlines the various ways of opening a business here.
I have a small plastic manufacturing plant. I want to start up in Costa Rica and manufacture products to export back to the States.
You need to contact CINDE and PROCOMER about your intentions. One or both will be helpful in setting up your enterprise. They also have the information about manufacturing in the free zones. When contacting them, you should outline your plan and ask for whatever information and help they can provide. They are there to serve you, and their services are free or cheap. They usually have referrals for what they don't do directly.
You say that it is easy to start or buy a business in Costa Rica, but if we buy or build a business in Costa Rica, will my partner and I be able to work at our business and live in Costa Rica?
If you own a business or have stock in a Costa Rican corporation, you may work in that business without a work permit. The only thing you would have to be concerned about would be your residency, but with an investment of $50,000 in a business in the tourism sector, or $200,000 in other sectors, that would be no problem.