Some of our page backgrounds are specially related with the material appearing on the page. Have you guessed yet that the background for the Iguana Park story is an iguana's eye?

Most of our other pages are "printed" on banana paper. Costa Rica, being the environmentally conscious nation that it is, is recycling industrial wastes and waste paper as well as glass and aluminum cans. One thing in great supply here is waste from the banana plantations (our #1 export is bananas). Several grades of recycled paper products containing these banana byproducts are produced. It is estimated that each ton of banana fiber utilized in paper production saves seventeen trees. It seems appropriate that we join in the efforts to curtail the worldwide paper shortage by supporting these recycling efforts. You can help, too--eat a banana.

We hope you enjoy our banana paper pages and find them easy on the eyes, as well.

Want to learn more about Costa Rica's banana papers? Visit Costa Rica Natural to see how it's produced. You can even order banana paper products on line. (This link will open a new browser window. Close it to return here.)